"Five Love Languages" overview and the "Five Love Language Test"

            ASK Yourself on a scale of 1 to 10                                                     how loved do you feel?                        

        If you answer anything other than 10 you need to take this 
             FREE Survey no email needed for Results ALL FREE

           This Survey is simple BUT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE
This "Five Love Language Test" will show you your primary 
                                            Love Language

Hard Copy Printable Five Love Language Survey                                 CLICK HERE
When you know your mates primary love language and they feel loved
YOU WILL GET MORE LOVE  its that simple...really
After you know your Love Language click on your primary language above for additional info.
"The Five Love Languages" a book by Gary Chapman

After you answer the 30 questions get your love test answers.  The highest number
is your Primary Love Language.  You might have two that are high thats OK
Once you know your primary Love Language Go to the explanations above and
see what you need to feel loved.  Share with family and friends.  It will change
their Lives for the Good.

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